Totus Tuus is a premier destination for all your liturgical needs, offering a comprehensive selection of items to enhance and enrich your worship experience. As a one-stop liturgical shop, Totus Tuus caters to a wide range of individuals and institutions, including churches, seminaries, religious communities, and clergy members.

Altar Linen: Totus Tuus provides a splendid assortment of altar linens, meticulously crafted with the highest quality materials. From corporals to purificators and lavabo towels, each piece is designed to uphold the sanctity of the altar and ensure a reverent atmosphere during liturgical celebrations.

Altarware: Discover an exquisite collection of altarware that includes chalices, ciboria, patens, cruets, and more. These meticulously crafted vessels are made with precision and reverence, embodying the solemnity and significance of the Eucharist.

Clothing: Totus Tuus offers a range of clothing options for clergy members and servers, including cassocks, surplices, albs, and dalmatics. Each garment is carefully tailored to provide comfort, functionality, and a dignified appearance, allowing individuals to embody their liturgical roles with grace and reverence.

Episcopal Insignia: For bishops and other high-ranking clergy, Totus Tuus presents a distinguished collection of episcopal insignia. From pectoral crosses to mitres and crosiers, these items symbolize the authority and sacred office of those entrusted with the leadership of the Church.

Liturgical Coverings: Enhance the beauty and solemnity of your liturgical space with Totus Tuus’ wide range of liturgical coverings. Whether you’re in need of pulpit falls, lectern covers, or chancel hangings, each covering is meticulously designed to reflect the liturgical season and create an atmosphere of reverence and awe.

Liturgical Objects: Totus Tuus offers an extensive selection of liturgical objects, including processional crosses, thuribles, candlesticks, and more. These finely crafted items help create a visual and sensory experience that engages and uplifts worshipers, enhancing the beauty of the liturgy.

Liturgical Vestments: From stoles to chasubles, dalmatics to copes, Totus Tuus provides a diverse range of liturgical vestments. Crafted with attention to detail and liturgical tradition, these vestments allow clergy members to embody their sacred roles and lead the faithful in worship.

Priest Apparel: Totus Tuus understands the importance of everyday priestly attire, offering a selection of clerical shirts, collars, and accessories. These garments are designed to provide comfort and professional appearance for priests in their daily pastoral duties.

Sacred Vessels: Discover a splendid array of sacred vessels for the Eucharist, including monstrances, pyxes, and reliquaries. Each vessel is crafted with the utmost care and reverence, ensuring that the Blessed Sacrament is given the reverence it deserves.

Totus Tuus is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that your liturgical needs are met with professionalism and expertise. With a dedication to quality, tradition, and the beauty of the liturgy, Totus Tuus strives to be your trusted partner in creating a worship experience that is reverent, inspiring, and uplifting.